Attention Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Transformational Leaders...

An apple day keeps the doctor away, but when was the last time you had a marketing checkup?

Just like the importance of getting a yearly physical, your business's growth will thank you.

The 30-Day Growth Assessment assesses your overall performance and gaps in your marketing, (plus additional marketing and income generating opportunities).  Our 92-point comprehensive assessment was created so you can gain more leads, conversions, and increase buyer retention (in 30 days)...

  • Increase your profit in less than 30 days.
  • Discover a clear strategy for next steps to gain more customers.
  • Gain a marketing expert perspective and audit on what is working (and not) so that you can scale your business with ease.

A Comprehensive Assessment designed for Marketing Growth for Your Business

Here's just a sampling of what will be assessed during the 92 point assessment...

Lead Generation | Get More Clients

Discover the opportunities to locate and engage with more potential clients so you can have leads consistently into your business week after week.

Analytics and Numbers

Not knowing yourumbers can hurt your business from the bottom line to cost per lead. We will assess your numbers to soy can make educated decisions for the health of your company.

Social Media

Discover the 4 component of using social media effectively to grow your business. (Hint- you are probably doing only one and it is costing you).

Email Marketing

Are you sending emails? Discover the key components of effective email marketing to grow your business's credibility, revenue, and reach (automatically!)


Are you making the 5 common SEO mistakes which is hiurting your searchability?

Buyer Frequency and Retention

Do customers buy only once from you or several times? We will assess your system so that you can improve your buyer burnout and retention


Building a business that showcases you an an authority in your space?  Hint- If you are weak in this area, you are hurting your SEO.


Your marketing is ais only going to be as effective as your insfrastucre that supports it. Otherwise you will be losing valuable resources and opportunities.

Get Your Marketing Checkup.

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